Charbel-Raphaël Segerie


I am currently the head of the AI Unit at EffiSciences.

I work mainly on AI safety. I have organized and led the Turing Seminar, a course on AI safety in the MVA Master's program, and the bootcamps ML4Good. You can find here my recent work on AI safety, which focuses on RLHF and interpretability. I was TA in London for ARENA, in Berkeley for the MLAB, and CTO of Omnisciences. I've researched at Inria Parietal and Neurospin, and enjoy philosophy and jazz piano.

Here is my LinkedIn, Twitter, and Github.

Short Bio

Charbel-Raphael is head of the Artificial Intelligence Safety Unit at EffiSciences, where he leads research and education in AI safety. He directs the Turing Seminar, a renowned course on AI safety within the Ecole Normale Supérieures. His work focuses on comprehensively characterising emerging risks in artificial intelligence, on the theory of interpretability, addressing challenges related to current safety methods, and safe by design AI approaches.